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Notes on Napkins

These are notes we made on napkins, most of these are discarded - and a few maybe discussed.

Facebook Gov

Remove Facebook from Government, demand that official county, town, village pages to be migrated AWAY from Facebook. No more “trust us, we are really, really nice and honest!” nonsense. We do not need to explain to you anything, you have no choice in this. Maintain your OWN .org or .gov addresses, you are forbidden to consolidate on social networks. Period.

Explain "Woke"

Woke was created by those who believe “admitting” to a problem is the first step on the way to “recovery”. While this is valid with heroin addiction its an epic fail with racism, corruption, and the sort. Woke was created by those who exploit this “path to recovery” - for example, regards to racism.

Politics is the art of the Deal. You cannot “fix” politics, you cannot just “stop” politics, so what can you do?

This is why we need the civil disobedience network. We are starting from zero because we have allowed Wikipedia to become corrupt. But we cannot let the next generation start from zero, and we are still inside the “woke event” – the Joint Chief of Staff just admitted the military brass to be woke. Every day a new woke organization is created in the media. We are still inside the event.

We need to publish the recognized patters (the strategies, the events, the deception) in a way that cannot end up like Wikipedia. We need to publish how the White Liberal is indoctrinated to a point when it turns on everything and everyone. We need to document this pathological level of behavior.

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