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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the five most commonly asked questions:

Question: Sooo … what do you do?
We build, and help to build “ owner-operated, purpose-built, fully standards-compliant, licensing-cost free, secured and encrypted, minimal-maintenance service stacks ”. This is a mouthful, and it cannot be explained in a few sentences. Nevertheless, the “service stack” includes a rational set of capacities.

The AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience grassroots is a platform to help individuals break away from the dependency on Big Tech, not to replace the capacity of Big Tech . If we wanted to replace the capacity of Big Tech we would not be a grassroots, we would be a Corporation - the same as Big Tech.

Question: Why should I care to do any of this?
Only those who build their own platforms are free to read, post, chat, do as they like. Owning your own platform is an achievement, it comes with its own rewards.

The most rewarding of all the benefit is the technical proficiency you gain while you build - its a marketable skill, it may help you find a job. We all have our own main purpose - mine is to establish authenticity and authority over the content I create. I am able to point people to different spots on my platform and say or write:
… there is the evidence, what I claim or promise is a fact.

You have to bring your own purposes, and your own surplus capacity. If you have no purpose, and you have no surplus - well, that's what Socialism is all about. In Socialism you cannot get what you want, instead you are provided only with what you need. You should leave the USA to one of those Socialist countries, we all be much happier once you moved.

Question: What does it cost to own a platform?
The time it takes to earn a four-year degree is 48 months, and the total cost is unspecified. Owning your own platform means purpose-building a set of resources for your purposes. In other words, nobody is able to answer this question. Instead, you should ask:
I want to do this and that, but these are all the resources I currently have - where should I start?

Question: Do you have a proposal for my family?
If your family (or your community such as business, school, library, museum, platoon, church, etc.) has needs outside the capacity of this service stack (uploading and storing videos for GLOBAL PUBLIC consumption, as an example) then the answer is no. That's what YouTube does, supporting millions of uploads and downloads each week, month, or maybe seconds who really cares.

A few hundred video upload / download a day is perfectly within capacity of this platform. There is only a practical limit on Wikis and Wiki Pages (hundreds of concurrent visitors going to require and upgrade). The same practical limit applies to forum and chat, databases, directory, logins - any and all services included in your service stack.

Our service stack on this network ( has nothing else but Dokuwiki. We are good to serve hundreds of concurrent users, as Dokuwiki is a top performer in serving pages with nothing but plain text. As you probably noticed we have very little graphics or other types of binary content.

Question: Do you have something to serve 330 million users?
Yes, its called AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience network, with hundreds of thousands of owner-operated, purpose-built, fully standards-compliant, licensing-cost free, secured and encrypted, minimal-maintenance service stacks - just like this one.

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