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Watchdog Organizations

These are, in no uncertain terms, are the paramilitary and intelligence organizations. They are the best examples of civil disobedience, and the more oppressive the government the more attention they generate.

The reason for this is very simple and easy to understand. When our government runs off the rails as it did during and after the 2020 General Elections, these ordinary citizens are labeled terrorist, white supremacists, right-wing extremists, and so forth.

In reality THEY are contrast and compare organizations. The darker our Government becomes, the brighter they shine.

The Constitutional Militia

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Local / State Militia

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AmericaFirst All Fifty States

That's right - we are a watchdog. Just consider this: I do not need anyone's help to manage my online responsibilities, I pay for everything I need out-of pocket, I abhor Socialism / Communism, I am terrified of all forms of Islam, I love the USA, our Constitutional Republic, our Christian Way of Life. I am too old to care about fame, fortune, power - I am looking forward to see the beautiful face of Jesus. I have no fear, I have no price.

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