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Essential Entities

Our local, state, federal government angered a lot of people by “qualifying” what is an “essential business”, who is an “essential person”, and what is an “essential product or service”. This was a politically motivated power-grab, this had nothing to do with health and safety. This is obvious, and on this network we do not debate the obvious.

As a response this grassroots is going to make the essential qualification permanent. We, the People going to decide for ourselves who and what is essential.

This grassroots does not endorse any business and person, and we do not accept any endorsement. However, if you are an essential person owning an essential business or providing an essential service it is our patriotic duty to list it on our Grassroots, free of all monetary costs to you. The local, the state, the federal Government in the USA spent hundreds of billions or more USD to categorize and manage this who is “essential” power-grab . AmericaFirst All Fifty States is going to manage just about the same spending less than 2,000 USD annually, but without grabbing for any power (without the additional billions in costs).

The non-monetary costs to you are:

  • the time and effort it takes to maintain your own listing
  • you agree to read and understand every one of our proposed and active Missions, even if you decide not participate in any one of them.
  • you agree to promote the MISSION (not the grassroots, the MISSION) you agree with. You should start your own local grassroots in support of that mission.
  • you agree to ASK about anything you do not understand about our missions - so we may better focus them, better describe them .

This Grassroots, AmericaFirst All Fifty States is also an “essential entity”. Those developing and sustaining this grassroots also deserve to be treated with the same attention and respect they extend to others.


There are two types of qualifications: credible and deceptive

You are going to qualify yourself in the deceptive category against your will. For example:

. . . if you use our listing for dealing drugs supplied by the Mexican cartels - your mugshot from your criminal record is going to be published here, and there is nothing you or your “attorneys” can do to remove it. You know this: once it goes up on the Internet nobody is able to remove it. Do not draw attention to yourself, stay away from this network

. . . if you are listing your corner store, but your store is also a cover for the Islamic Brotherhood recruiting suicide bombers - your store location, your business license, all details we find are going to be published here. Do not blow your cover Brother, stay away from this network

However, if you are running a still for you own amusement, if you are growing some herbs to ease your aches and pains, if you are reloading a few rounds with some extra or little less oomph for friends and family, if you pickle some cucumbers, raise chickens, plant pumpkins - you are more than welcome to “qualify” yourself the “essential person” you evidently are.


You cannot go BIG on top of this grassroots. We are a technological framework, we are a Civil Disobedience Grassroots not some Corporate Franchise Group or Business Development Think Tank. We draw the limit where the otherwise understanding Sheriff comes to you and asks what's the matter with you. Driving a dozen loaded cargo-vans around the neighboring town is not the same as giving a few jugs away in barter.

The Sheriff is going to shut you down, and if you have a problem with that the reason is going to be you, the Sheriff, what you have done or not done, all or some of it, something else entirely. At the end you need to sort that out for yourself.

For our part in this we are going to make sure no Sheriff ever going to have any problem with AmericaFirst All Fifty States. None of us on this end going to pay a fine or go to prison for you, and that's settles it. If the Sheriff did shut you down, and his office is asking us kindly - we are going to put you up as deceptive so you won't cheat us repeatedly.


Most of these do not require any explanation.

  • politicians, reporters, libraries, churches, sport clubs, unions, colleges
  • Any national chain, any business with millions in revenue or with multiple locations, people with hidden agendas.

As we learn more we are going to list them in details.

Again, these do not “qualify” as essential. Neither the Government nor AmericaFirst All Fifty States ever suggested that any individual or any group is non-essential. The two of us simply disagree on who “qualifies” as essential.

  • To you and me ourselves, our friends and families are essential, no “qualification” needed.
  • To the Government its groups of people - politicians, supporters, allies, and some workers are the essential individuals. The rest of us do not meet their “qualification requirement(s)”.

“The facts are with those who learn to Read, not with those who Write”.
Make sure you learn how to read, and understand what is really written on these pages - not what you think is written on these pages.

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