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Welcome to the mission and participants directory of our AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience grassroots network1). If you wish to participate please send an email to with the Subject line: Participation Introduction, and introduce yourself (yourselves). To chat and find out more you may sign up at our Hubzilla node. We have the first rough draft of our Directory Introduction - please link to it, download, email, print, share with everyone!

We still need 3057 patriots, one from each of the 50 states and 3007 counties. Please read this wiki to learn more, and if your time allows please volunteer in your state OR in your county. We are currently importing the 19,500 Hometowns, Alabama - New York is done (as of 13-July-2021).

This wiki serves as a central hub with present activities, and future plans in each of the 50 States, and in each of the 3007 Counties. However, do not let the “central” or “hub” fool you. This is a Wiki, with redundancy built-in.

Our only purpose in this Grassroots network is: to help preserve our Constitutional Republic, our Western Civilization, and our Christian Way of Life. The overarching purpose of each mission in these grassroots civil disobedience networks shall be to regain full control of our local, state and federal Government.

We are going to assemble 3057 qualified US Citizens and Patriots, and we are going to decide which issues are vital, and what issues are NOT vital in our purpose. For example:

Is the survival of Israel vital to our purpose, “to help preserve our Constitutional Republic, our Western Civilization, and our Christian Way of Life”?

I am one of the 3057, and my answer is “Nay” .

Explanation: It is the survival of the United States of America which is vital “to help preserve our Constitutional Republic, our Western Civilization, and our Christian Way of Life”. The survival of any other country (or countries) is not vital for that.

This is not an anti-Israel, this is a pro-America Mission. We are NOT IsraelFirst All Six Districts - we are INDEED AmericaFirst All Fifty States. We are not Israeli citizens - we are US citizens. Israel is not our homeland - the USA is our homeland.

Here is one of our Operational Principles: “The facts are with those who learn to Read, not with those who Write”. Make sure you read what is really written on these pages - not what you think are written on these pages. Do not try to make us into antisemitic monsters, that would only prove you do not know how to read - or that you are deceptive.

Here is another example:

Should the followers of Islam allowed to be part of US Congress, State and Local Government?

My answer is “Nay” .

Explanation: Islam forbids its followers from equally representing all citizens (regardless of national origin, culture, religion, race, gender).
Explanation: By 21st Century Law, killing in the name of God is to be considered a “criminally insane, religious fanatic” act.

Another of our Operational Principles: “Islam is evidently an adversary of Western Civilization”. The evidence goes as far back as the Crusades, and as recent as the latest “Death to America!” video. Again read what is written on these pages, not what is written in your mind.

Maybe some “positive” examples:

Shall the Constitutional State Militia take a large role in the general education, in GED?

My answer is “Yea” .

Explanation: The Constitutional State Militia is not a “right-wing group”, its not an “ideological activist”, its not “fringe militant”. The Constitutional State Militia is part of the American identity, traditions and principles.

If you are not part of the Constitutional State Militia your “opinion” does not count. If you attack the Constitutional State Militia it is you who is “left-wing”, “activist”, “fringe militant”, “anti-American”. If you do not want to be on either end of the barrel keep your personal opinions to yourself. We are not the Boy Scouts of America, we are not going to tolerate smear campaigns against us.

Should all elected or appointed Government officials have a service record of sobriety?

My answer is “Yea” .

Explanation: Those in the driver seat shall be subject to sobriety tests on the moment's notice.

We do not need our own Operational Principles for this, correct? If you got “pulled over on the floor of Congress” for a DUI2) one too many times you must resign as undeserving of The Seat 3), or prosecuted and sentenced to prison. We, the People do not care to “prove” anything. We, the People only care that this gets done.

Of course, THIS:

Shall Communism be declared a Crime Against Humanity?

My answer is “Yea” .

Explanation: 100 million murdered and counting.

Communism, and any form of “Socialism” is Corruption → Deception → Decay. Communism is a regression, a decay into a totalitarian form of government, its proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Communism cannot be “fixed”, it cannot be redeemed, its shall never be given any more chances.

This is Our Grassroots, folks. The 3057 is guaranteed WRITE access here, clear channels of communication, a clutter-free, low-volume debate stage.

Everyone else may only read, must chatter and debate elsewhere. Successful efforts gain BILLIONS of random posts every day, world-wide. This grassroots is going to shield you from that.

Become 1 of the 3057, help us separate that which is important from those which are not …

… or, waste your efforts fighting the loudmouth crowds who have nothing else to offer but their “personal opinions”.

Click or tap the image on the left: I did not make a “difference” that night, Patty from a different district , from another state , from another planet beat me to the top spot. The messages left by others all go into NULL hiding behind loud-mouth-Patty.

You see now why we limit WRITE access to ONE patriot from each state, from each county?

Everyone of those who posted that night would gladly be the “lucky” one on the top. Therefore . . .

. . . this Grassroots network has no respect for those who steal front-row seats in games they have no skin, in debates which are irrelevant to them, spewing insult, hate and bold-faced lies from behind Anonymous. Go away loud-mouth-Anonymous, stop with your endless personal opinions! Let those who are affected, when they are affected talk for a change!

Since the term “grassroots” is bastardized by the left, we are switching to “civil disobedience network”
Of course, this includes ANY mind-altering substance not just alcohol, it includes all drugs and prescriptions
Remind yourself its not YOUR seat, you do not own it!
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