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Training Node

Participating in the AmericaFirst Civil Disobedience Network takes a little - not much, just a little - commitment. You are going to be taught a set of fundamental skills. Some of that is going to be familiar, some are going to be brand new.


The wast majority of people who kick the tires never going to spend any time here, or spend only very little. So we are not going to invest a lot of effort to document how to install the training node. We provided enough information so most technically adept people, with some effort or a little expert help, be able to install it.

More, better instructions should be created and published by the production and expert nodes, by the 3057 participants on this network.


First you need to create a login using an email address. If you do not want to use your “real” one go and get a disposable one - there are dozens of websites on the internet you can use.

Then send an email to the address on the front page of this Wiki, and introduce yourself such as:

Hey there, this looks good, let me in so I can ask a few questions about bartering

This is all we need for now: you are not a bot, and you are not paralyzed by fear to a point where all you do is hide from everyone and everything.

Hubzilla Forum

Visit and register on our forum at and jump right in. If you want me to REMOVE your account so you can start fresh send an email to the same address, shown on the front page on this wiki. Ask questions on the Forum, figure it out the same way you did in the past with any other forum.

Nobody is going to hold your hands. We need 3057 individuals - out of a hundred million citizens. The cornerstone of this network is you bringing your purpose, your resolve, and nothing is going to keep you from succeeding. If you are not asking, if you are not making an effort you are not a good match for this network.

Your Purpose

Its perfectly all right if all you have is a vague idea and nothing more. This network started at the exact same point after the 2020 GE was stolen in November. Discuss your idea - but remember that your conduct must be respectful, and your intent must be ethical. Do not come here trying to figure out if you can use our network for criminal activities - selling drugs, looking for hookers. We are going to find out, and you be history.

Come here to learn how to build your own network somewhere else to sell drugs and look for hookers. We have no problem with that because you might still come around and find a way to get what you want the legal way. It happened before, it is going to happen again, no doubt.

You may scheme, lie, steal all you want, we do not care. We need 3057 individuals to help manage this network, we are going to decide who qualifies and why. So the bottom line is: this network is moderated, not censored. I am not going to be shut down, bankrupted and sent to prison for what you say or do. Remember that.

Our Quality

Please read this to see how we try and maintain a high quality of service. If you connect to our network in “production” or in “expert” mode, you are going to be required to stay compatible at least to this level.

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