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This AmericaFirst All Fifty States Civil Disobedience Network is supremely concerned about corruption within its ranks, as no organization is immune to corruption. When you look back in human history what decade, what century would it be where a full set of historical records document corruption in every and all existing institutions? Such as Courts, Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Charities, Police, Library, etc. etc. etc.?

I think the year would be THIS year. In every year you would not need to look back farther than a few months - and you would find an example of each institution riddled and rotting from inside-out due to corruption.


If you cannot afford to pay for the Production Node - do not build it, let someone else build it.

If it does not get built it means that there are not enough people in the Hometown, County, State who are aware of this page you are reading. We do not need you to form some non-profit and start collecting money to build it. As the matter of fact we forbid you. We are going to refuse adding your Production Nodes to our DNS records, and without that you never going to become part of this network.

You are free to build a competitor, an alternative, a better AmericaFirst All Fifty States Civil Disobedience Network. We cannot please everyone, create something better. Create something complementary, create something evolutionary, create something competitive. But you cannot change, hijack, rob, discredit, destroy THIS network. All you can do is crash and burn your own Production Node, only 1 out of the 3057. Someone credible going to replace your ruined node and life goes on.

Money exchanging hands going to corrupt and ruin this network the same way all the other organizations and institutions around us are crippled and dysfunctional, partly due to some form of corruption. Do not plan, advocate, implement any scheme where money (fiat, crypto, barter, etc.) must be transferred. We are going to find out and all who partake going to be ejected (DNS records removed).

Pay for your own Production Node. Period.


You cannot build, manage, finance, influence, OWN more than a single Production Node. If you decide to build your Production Node for 1 of the 50 States - you cannot build for any other state, county or hometown.

We need 3057 individuals each building one Production Node - we do not need a few individuals building 3057 Production Node.


This is not some “feel-good” association, we have work to do. You are going to help create the public square for all and every community - state, county, hometown, then for all local demand and needs. On this network only the 3057 have a voice - everyone else must debate elsewhere.

What we publish is going to save our “Constitutional Republic, our Western Civilization, and our Christian Way of Life”.


The reason Big Tech was able to turn political, and bite the hand that feeds is because generations after generations we neglected to maintain CONTEMPORARY technical skills.

Hiring a corporation to fix this is like hiring the fox to guard the chicken coop. If one person doing it - there is no damage. But as soon as all 3057 doing it - congratulations, you just hired the fox. Your demand created yet another corporation who's best interest is not AmericaFirst All Fifty States Civil Disobedience Network. We are just another account.

You can no longer explain it away: our #1 priority is to assemble the technology talent pool able to bypass Big Tech. We need 3056 more individuals with the same (or better talent and capacity) than the one managing this network, “”.

No substitutes, no pretenders.

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