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README about Abuse

We are going to try and record the most significant events, and publish the details. If you see anything that could identify the attackers please email the Thanks!


This is not something we are going to “design” beforehand. We suspect one of the categories is going to become: some people breaking away due to disagreements, the decide and act to damage this Grassroots .

It is going to happen with near certainty, and one purpose of the grassroots is to bring to surface some of these details. No matter what, we are going to come to an agreement about, for example, what is considered constitutional carry. If this Grassroots manages to gain Authenticity and Authority - that one success alone is going to mean something. More successes going to mean a lot.

Until then let the events unfold, and then we are going to update this page in retrospect.

We are not FBI

You must be a certified simpleton to label us undercover FBI, trying to “arrest patriots”.

Our Republic is in trouble because of your types who barely passed High School, who barely learned to read and write, who mistakes an SSL error for a virus, barely manage to hold down a job - yet you believe everyone wants to hear and read your opinions, and that you have the authority to call us, call this network, a “traitor”.

We reject you the same way we reject communist agitators, the political and religious fanatics, the mentally ill transgenders, and all the other burden on humanity. With “patriots” such as yourself the Far Left Liberals and Anarchist have a much easier time to spread FUD to the rest of the USA.

The simple fact is - you are a coward. You believe that if anyone learns about the “real” you - you are going to be “arrested, imprisoned, tortured and executed by the Government”. The only way you are able to climb out from beneath your rock is fully anonymous, because you are scared of everyone and everything around you.

The FBI does not need to imprison you. You already complying, you already living in a self-imposed solitary confinement, more secure than any physical facility. Do us all a favor, stay there.

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