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We expect to be banned from every forum, especially the Militia-type forums. We are FBI, Government spies to them, they are the most arrogant and paranoid group of all people. No matter, we post each incident here, and if you see one where you can help us please do! ~ 25MAY2021 ~ Account “AmericaFirst-AFS” closed as “spammer”.
I was given a chance to reply, and this is what I wrote“

I would respectfully recommend you revise your Code of Conduct.

Discussing the adaptation and the use of modern internet technologies should be allowed on any forum.
The America First movement, MAGA, the Conservative audience lacks the expert pool in this area, we have a lot of work to do.

Forming Grassroots to help this is not "spam".

The Anarchists, the Communists have armies of coders and content developers, expert forum moderators. By removing the few geeks and nerds, who could connect and form a grassroots - you are doing them a favor.

Please revise your Code of Conduct and INVITE us geeks and nerds. You needs us more than we need you.

Mr. Sandor Kunyik
Founder, AmericaFirst All Fifty States 
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