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Progress: May 2021

While the plans for this grassroots are in the works for over a year, the stealing of the 2020 General Elections are forcing our hand to commit sooner than we planned. So we have rented the necessary 50+ .us domains, and we started cementing our nationwide effort.

We are up against tremendous odds. The overwhelming majority of “patriots” online are wasting their resources and our opportunities - most are really nothing but inward-looking opportunists looking for that 15 minutes fame. They are parroting each other's memes, counting their followers daily.

Those “patriots” have absolutely now idea what would they do if all of the sudden got a 100k followers. Those “patriots” have nothing - no plans, no capacity, no support structure. They are giving into frustration, they are acting on pure instincts.

Our AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience grassroots needs 50 state Founders, and 3007 county Nodes. We have the capacity, the mission statements, the example, the structure, the means, the resolve. Not because what we did in May, 2021 - because my friend and I have our eyes wide open.

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