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This is called “blogs” only in lack of a better term. Its is mostly the duplication of all records and interactions on other platforms we cannot directly link, or we want to duplicate. Please read our strategy regarding “confidential” information.

Modern Militia Movement

I am a member since 25 May, 2021. My self-appointed role is to help where the objectives of AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience grassroots and the objectives of Modern Militia Movement overlap. The following are my forum posts:1).

These posts center around our “open strategy” and the Constitutional State Militia must come to the realization that they are NOT “right-wing”, they are not “activists”. They are citizens, executing their civic duties. It is those who call the Constitutional Militia “right-wing” and “militant” are the left-wing, activists, foreigner to American values

McHenry County Blog

I posted a few times, but recently I started posting more, and this time with relevancy to this civil disobedience grassroots network. The blog is timelined, so instead of titles this one is listed by date. I only duplicate what I wrote, for the responses please visit the original posts.

These are posts which maybe shared freely, they apply to ALL and EVERY State Militia
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