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AmericaFirst All Fifty States is not just a “website” not just a “network”. Its part of the America First, MAGA, the Conservative movement to take power back from the Government. Donald J. Trump still represents the “establishment”, he still repeats the “Israel is our closest ally” mantra, he still supports the two-party system as something essential, and in many places he is going to stop short in limiting the power of Government. His support structure still exercises control over him - they always will because politics is the art of the Deal.

Owner Operators

The best way to design and put AmericaFirst All Fifty States on rails is by self-sustained grassroots. Nobody is allowed to send “donations” to anyone, currencies (any format, fiat crypto, precious metals) cannot change hands inside the grassroots.

Instead you should do it yourself, you should learn and build the service stacks, build the pages, do the research, publish your results - or you can pay someone else to do it for you. But nobody in the grassroots is allowed to do a fundraiser, start a GoFundMe campaign, ask for donations.

This is a forward-looking, long term design criteria, to help protect the grassroots from corruption. When you look a the Nobel Prize institution, the International Olympics Committee, Wikipedia, just to name a few - you see the effects of institutional corruption. Again, on this network we never debate the obvious: 100% of institutions, no matter how “pure” and “noble” they are on their First Day, going to get corrupted to some level.

One way to limit corruption is by building an owner-operated network where participants spend their own resources (time, money, credibility). While there is still a chance for corruption, the efforts to corrupt are not sustainable and the effects of corruption going to wear off.

Open Architecture

We are in dire need of English professionals who write these sort of documentations routinely. Until these pros arrive I do my best to describe the equivalent of a business plan.

The Grassroots must implement and maintain something I call open architecture in lack of a better term. In essence the grassroots must operate without any form of central administration, and it must operate with minimal local administrative overhead. This is not at all difficult when your purpose in this grassroots is focused, limited to what you can handle.

No part of our operation is “confidential”, so there is no need for “cloak and dagger” efforts. This becomes essential when we are attacked, smeared by “alternative motives”. We have no alternative motives - we hate Communism, reject Islam, love Jesus. Our true motivation is “to help preserve our Constitutional Republic, our Western Civilization, and our Christian Way of Life”.

Partitioned Purpose

Our first mission, Echo the POTUS illustrates what that means: it is a mission to show people that silencing the President of the United States, while still in office, was the start of a political party silencing its opposition. I happened, this is now history, it cannot be undone.

The purpose and responsibility of the 3057 patriots, one from each of the 50 states, and one from each of the 3007 counties, is to define missions similar in importance and in clarity.

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