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Our Strategy

Under Constructions

This section is used to describe our operational strategy, and the ways you may interact / join / promote / etc. this civil disobedience grassroots. Please note: There is no “confidential” or “secret” part to our strategy.

Instead of hiding part of our strategy behind confidentiality - we simply exclude from our purpose and from our missions anything that would require confidentiality. What a simple concept, right? Its simple, and for our purposes its fully functional.

We are fundamentally, truly America First, Make America Great Again, Conservative America grassroots. We are not leftist, we are not centrists, we are not rightists. We are intellectuals who are smart enough to worry only about things we control today, and we have a realistic chance to control tomorrow. To us all else is white noise, empty static, water under the bridge.

No need to thank us, and you are most certainly welcome!

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