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Our Operational Principles

This wiki is part of the America First All Fifty States grassroots, a civil disobedience movement. We are non-political participants of the America First Movement.

Our purpose is well-focused and limited in scope, and every one of our missions has an expiration condition. We do not sponsor and endorse any person or entity, we are not accepting any sponsorship or endorsement. We have no operational expenses: our participants pay their own way without any further disclosure to anyone. We cannot be bought and sold, distracted, discredited, deceived, destroyed.

Technology Infrastructure

The guarantees of work and service, as promised in the invitation email.

Invitation Email

The following is the text the current representatives of the Grassroots send out to Prospective Participants. Simply copy the text below, Search and Replace «Tic-Tac-Toe Corp.» with the name or title of the prospect. You MUST change the text so you are not promising things in MY name!

Invitation Recipients : There are going to be times when the email you receive is going to be asking you to transfer money, pay, subscribe, donate, secure, convert, etc. etc. etc. - because this is what dirty rotten scoundrels do, they trick people and squeeze dough. Make sure you verify that the email you got has the exact same scope, with the revision and the changes noted in the Change Log.


Our AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience grassroots is designed to be a “glue” network, connecting all compatible grassroots in the 50 States, in the 3007 Counties - grouped by compatible focus. For example, the grassroots analyzing the spending of Government on the County level belong to one group: on the State level they belong to another group.

We do not directly connect to entities such as «Tic-Tac-Toe Corp.», instead we rely on one or more individual(s) to “glue us together”: in this case «Tic-Tac-Toe Corp.» and AmericaFirst All Fifty States.

These layers of separation allow our entities - individuals, grassroots and organizations - avoid any impression that we are endorsing each other. It also ensures that we avoid becoming Our Grassroots vs. Their Grassroots in the political arena, in business competition. It further ensures that AmericaFirst All Fifty States remains free of irrelevant content and traffic on its networks - which helps in preserving focus and purpose.

All the above is mandatory to keep our focus on our only purpose: to help preserve our Constitutional Republic, our Western Civilization, and our Christian Way of Life.

To support this we publish a brief list of Criteria which must be approved on the individual level - each person must deeply identify with our purpose.


Compatible candidates in THIS grassroots shall be able to respond to every one of the following statements with an AGREE.

- When you debate the obvious, you both lose.
- Only the Truth needs protection, the Facts take care of themselves.
- Islam is evidently an adversary of Western Civilization.
- Facts are non-polarized, do not attempt to charge them.
- Authenticity and Authority must be earned, they cannot be granted.
- The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to restrict the Government.
- The Facts are with those who learn to Read, not with those who Write.

This is an expanding list. Any individual able to respond with an AGREE to all seven is welcome in our Grassroots, to help us glue this nationwide network together, throughout the 3007 Counties. Any individual, who is able to comment on any of these is a good candidate for 1 of the 50 State Founders.


We are grassroots, we are not an institution of any kind. We do not have fundraisers, we do not accept donations, we do not endorse anyone or ask anyone's endorsement. Participants in our local grassroots must bring their own resources (motivation, expert knowledge, time, money) and spend their own resources the way they see fit.

I am here to offer my expert advice and my expert skills, as long as you agree with our purpose, and you are resolved to do your part. I do not take cash or crypto donations, to avoid any chance of Laws and Regulations complications. The entire Grassroots network (all that is visible and non-visible) costs around 2,000 USD Annually to maintain - which is my personal out-of pocket contribution - my leisure expense.

All participants must do the same, no cash transactions are allowed with connection to this network, and with connection to any part of the AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience grassroots.

I can implement a back-end to your «Tic-Tac-Toe Corp.» online presence with the approximate cost of 200 USD Annual expenses to you. This includes:

  • another domain name (14.5o USD a year at Gandi)
  • 1 VPS at Linode for your own DNS server (5.00 USD per month)
  • backup and snapshot (2.00 USD per month)
  • another VPS for the YunoHost service stack (another 7.00 USD per month)

The service stack is your portal and production software, with practically unlimited email, subdomains, SSL certs, wikis, MySQL databases, etc). You want to limit the users to less than a few dozen though, and never test if you can manage hundreds or a thousand. There is enterprise-level software to manage globs of users. This network may anytime be fully transferred to your own Linux expert, or hired-for-work entity.

A free-of USD cost to you alternative could be a subdomain under our own network - with the same practically unlimited email, wiki, etc. etc.) This is OUR preferred method, for at least in the first few months. This subdomain would be the “staging platform” to glue «Tic-Tac-Toe Corp.» to the AmericaFirst All Fifty States civil disobedience grassroots.

In turn you agree to study, understand and support our operational principles, and our technological design and implementation choices. The costs of efforts on the part of «Tic-Tac-Toe Corp.» would be balanced by my work (or someone else's work in the grassroots) for your organization, in barter.

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