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The political parties are TERRIFIED of grassroots. An effective Grassroots takes control away from political parties, and rejects this Good Cop - Bad Cop shtick every political party is playing since the Greeks invented Democracy.

Grassroots require political parties stop with the comedy. So political parties hide, discredit, destroy grassroots everywhere they see them. Currently they use the Mainstream Media to turn Left-wing Communists (Black Lives Matter), Anarchists (ANTIFA) into Right-wing Nazis, then call everyone a Conspiracy Theorist for showing this.

I designed this grassroots to make sure that cannot happen, this grassroots cannot be censored, banned, discredited, shut down by the Corporations, by the political parties, by Government Agencies, by anyone.

Free of Ideology

This grassroots is going to be rooted in the facts, away from all abstract concepts and practices - such as “we are morally obligated to do this and stop that”. This fake morality is responsible for the suburban mom becoming the American version of the Communist Agitator1).

The America First Movement, MAGA, the Conservative Movement all overlap in our desire to act based on rational plans. We are different from any other movement in that we insist on plans which measure progress and we insist on accountability. To all the American Communist Agitators: Western Civilization does not enforce MORAL BEHAVIOR. Western Civilization publishes ETHICAL STANDARDS. Its Eastern, Middle-East, Asian civilizations, cultures and religions who enforce behavior.

“Fight the Jewish Conspiracy against White Americans!” is not something we can measurably progress. Do not bring it here. We are going to call it out for its lunatic agenda, for its confused and aggressive rhetoric as soon as it shows up. No exceptions, if you do not belong on this network that is going to become evident, fast.

Spend you efforts wisely, and make the politicians in Congress, in your state, in your counties understand that we are willing to “sacrifice” every one of them, and sacrifice every single citizen of Israel, for our OWN SURVIVAL. We are going to make the politicians in US Congress understand that the best interest of Israeli citizens are SECONDARY to the best interest of US Citizens. Let this be a warning to you, ignore this at your own peril.

This is much better, this is much more rational - no matter how terrible this sounds to you. The Jews and the Jewish State going to understand that preaching Unity, and Friendship, and Understanding, and all that wonderful stuff must be tied to something measurable, and there is accountability. They are “negotiating” with the Arabs for centuries, but the rest of us are not tied to the fate of those two, no matter what.

Do not bring ideology here. We are not going to allow it.


The easiest way to destroy a Grassroots is by de-platforming it. That is what happened to Gab, Parler, Walkaway, and countless others. It happened to President Trump. It cannot happen, it is not going to happen to this Grassroots

Gab recovered by moving all or parts of its infrastucture to its own data-center, because to Gab it is the infrastucutre which is valuable.

To this grassroots the most important thing is to keep focus, and to gain / maintain a high quality of participants and the content they bring to this network. The infrastructure is going to evolve, and the Dokuwiki you are reading is just the first step on that evolutionary path.


Publishing high-quality content is also evolutionary, nobody shall expect any Award-winning work here anytime soon. However, high content-quality is just one priority, making it available is another. This priority regarding availability is were the evolving infrastructure going to bring in technologies such as Forums and Archives.


Creating a network diagram is the lowest of my priorities, sorry!

A communist agitator is someone advocating someone else's best interest at the cost of his or her own, working 24/7/365 for free, without pay
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